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Why NYC Needs Stricter Gun Laws

Gun Violence… one of the biggest issues our city faces. It leads to a rise in crime and death, leading to many citizens feeling uneasy and unsettled walking through the streets of the Big Apple. In the wake of the decision that the Supreme Court took to overrule a major gun law in NYC that has been implemented for more than a century, the city will have to prepare itself for unknown outcomes. While some prefer gun laws to be less rigorous because they believe that they violate the second amendment, gun laws should be stricter in NYC since it will cause a sense of calm and safety in the city and reduce the rate of crime and death that has been seen lately.

The decision 

Recently the Supreme Court made noise when it decided to overturn a New York State gun law that has been implemented for many years. The Supreme Court, “has struck down a New York gun safety law which requires people to show “proper cause” to get a license to carry a concealed handgun outside the home”. By overturning this law The U.S. Supreme Court will let more people legally own and have guns. This decision changed a crucial gun law that made the action of owning a concealed gun more rigorous. Now there is easier access to obtaining guns because since 1913 people in New York who applied for a license to be able to carry a gun out of sight had to indicate a specific need to carry the gun, there is no need for that now. 


The Supreme Court’s ruling will undoubtedly cause major changes and have an immense impact on New York. One of the major consequences this decision will have is that more people will now be able to apply for and obtain a gun, leading to more guns in the streets which is a recipe for danger. For example, several other states have less strict gun laws and as a result, have high crimes related to guns. Mississippi was ranked as the state with the weakest gun laws and it also has the highest rate of death by guns. Furthermore, Louisiana and Wyoming are part of the states with a high amount of gun deaths and also have the weakest gun safety laws in the country. The decision will ​​lead to more guns in the city and will cause a rise in crime rates. We have seen multiple shootings occur all over the country, “Since the start of this year (2022), there have been 277 reported mass shootings — an average of more than one per day”. With the rise of guns in the city, who knows how many more shootings will occur. But this decision will also have an effect all over the country because several other states like California, Hawaii, and Massachusetts, have similar gun laws and restrictions, which can be affected and altered because of The Supreme Courts’ ruling. The decision could lead to more people carrying guns in the largest cities of the country. Many states will more likely have to modify their gun laws because of the ruling which will result in more people having the ability to obtain a gun, which will lead to unprecedented dangers because of the many people that will have a gun.

Reason for ruling  

There are several people that believe that the ruling that was done was necessary and was the right thing to do because the gun law had mainly been violating the second amendment. Others believe that  the law had also been going against the fourteenth amendment. Justice Clarence Thomas states, ‘”New York’s proper-cause requirement violates the Fourteenth Amendment by preventing law-abiding citizens with ordinary self-defense needs from exercising their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms in public for self-defense”’. Him and others believed that the gun law had been blocking citizens’ ability to defend themselves against danger. The director of federal affairs for gun owners of America, Aidan Johnson, commented that New York’s concerns violate the rights of the citizens, and as a result, lead them unprotected against evil. People having access to guns can better prepare them against danger and protect themselves when needed to.


Nonetheless, there are countless people that do not support the decision and have presented their opinion on the ruling. Eli Klarman, a resident from crown heights said that guns are weapons, and having more of them available for people to use will lead to a probability of harm and violence. Even President Joe Biden commented on the Supreme Court ruling by saying it, ‘”contradicts both common sense and the Constitution, and should deeply trouble us all. We must do more as a society — not less — to protect our fellow Americans”’. Additionally, Vice President Kamala Harris had to say that the decision is not logical and that lives will be put at risk because of the ruling. As seen, many people are against the ruling because they believe that it will lead to more guns being on the streets of several states and cities which will lead to more shootings occurring and putting lives at stake. 

Preparing for what is to come

Upon hearing the Supreme Court’s ruling, NYC has set up and is planning several measurements to brace for what’s to come. The city’s mayor Eric Adams stated, ‘”Those efforts will include a comprehensive review of our approach to defining ‘sensitive locations’ where carrying a gun is banned, and reviewing our application process to ensure that only those who are fully qualified can obtain a carry license,”’. The city will implement sensitive locations which are where carrying guns are not allowed which will create safe zones where citizens won’t have to worry about being face to face with a gun. Additionally, Adams reassured that he and his office will do “everything in our power” to use what they have available to them to make sure that New Yorkers are safe and not put into danger. Several bills have been signed by Gov. Kathy Hochul to protect people in the state of New York amid the ruling. One bill that was put into place is that anyone under the age of 21 is banned from purchasing or possessing semi-automatic rifles.     


Overall The Supreme Court’s decision about loosening a gun law in NYC that required people to show a proper cause to have a concealed gun has caused controversy. There are those that say the gun law was going against the second amendment and it is a good thing that it was overturned. However, NYC should have strict gun laws because of the number of shootings and violence that has occurred not only in the city but in other states. Having stronger gun laws will make people feel safer because there is a correlation between gun laws and gun deaths; stronger gun laws lead to fewer gun deaths. The city will continue to implement new tactics and strategies to make its citizens feel safe at home, but it will need help from legislators so it can place new and stronger gun laws which undoubtedly will help the city be safer.   

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