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Vaccines and Masks to Stop the COVID-19 Spread

There has been an increase in COVID-19 cases in NY because of a new variant and people not taking precautions. The weekly positive rate of COVID is up 1% in New York from the cause of unvaccinated people getting COVID. People don’t want to wear masks or take the vaccine because they want to rebel in a serious situation. They feel as if taking precautions is going to do something bad to them.

Despite people being rebellious, they should get vaccinated and wear masks to reduce COVID-19 rates even if they are not sure it’s ok to take those precautions.

A Rise In COVID Cases In NY

There has recently been a 66% increase in COVID cases in NY and it will go up more. This is primarily caused by the new Delta variant and people not taking the right pandemic precautions. The Delta variant is a new COVID-19 strain that has been identified in India. The Delta variant currently takes up 83% of COVID cases in the U.S. According to an NBC post, the Delta variant can get you more ill. As for precautions, people are not getting the vaccine or wearing a mask, and it’s causing the new Delta variant to grow more and more. Cases will  rise if new variants are shown to us. Also, physical distancing plays a good part in slowing the virus.

People Are Not Trying To Get Vaccinated

The weekly positive rate of COVID-19 has been revealed to have gone up 1.16% in New York because of the new Delta strain. The new COVID-19 Delta variant is spreading to unvaccinated people. People need to get vaccinated to reduce COVID’s effects. Coming from the CDC, the COVID-19 vaccine helps our immune system be immune to the illness that gives COVID and memorize it, meaning it can reduce the chances of catching the virus and the virus getting you sick if you do get it.

COVID-19 Delta Variant

A new COVID variant called Delta has been found in India and possibly can increase COVID rates if people don’t take precautions. Scientists say that the Delta variant can be 60% more inheritable than the Kent variant. The Kent variant is a COVID-19 strain that is twice as deadly as the COVID-19 virus. Getting both shots of the vaccine can lower the effects of the new symptoms this Delta variant opposes. Research shows that one shot is not enough to fight off the Delta variant. Getting fully vaccinated will keep you from getting very ill.

Getting The Vaccine And Common Misconceptions

People are still scared to get vaccinated or they have a vaccination myth in mind. Such as it can make you magnetic, it can alter your DNA, etc. Despite people being gullible, the vaccine has no ingredients that are electromagnetic. Also, the vaccine is not a hoax to take something bad. A list of myths and misconceptions can be found on the CDC website. Getting the vaccine would protect yourself and others. Coming from the CDC, the COVID-19 vaccination will help keep you from getting the virus and getting very ill. Other benefits of getting the vaccine are that places and stuff you couldn’t do before COVID will start to open up for you because you are safe and vaccinated. You are protecting people around you because people have a lower chance of being exposed to the virus.

Wearing A Mask

Wearing a mask has been proven to protect you from respiratory droplets when people talk, sneeze, etc. Wearing your mask can reduce the chance of you getting COVID-19. People are not willing to wear a mask because of denial. For instance, people are not wearing masks because they don’t want to take a serious situation seriously and feel as if they are woke. Even though people might be in denial, wearing a mask is proven to stop you from getting illnesses and a mask will protect you from COVID spreading in the air and other illnesses, as stated above.

Potential Solutions Of Reducing COVID Rates

Spreading the word of getting the vaccine is really good because people are still not sure about getting it or they think it’s not safe. Telling others and wearing a mask is very valuable in these times. You can prevent them from getting COVID or giving someone COVID. Masks are very effective in trapping in respiratory droplets. Letting others know when they are not wearing a mask outside or inside an area can give them a heads up and stop the illness’ spread. Another step we can take is to make sure to social distance because you may not think it’s important, but it is. When someone is coughing or sneezing, it’s a good idea to social distance because of respiratory droplets. You may never know if they have a cold or a disease and distancing can increase your chances of avoiding these illnesses. If you get the vaccine, you can reduce the number of COVID cases and stop the increase. Another way we can get people vaccinated is posting on social media about it. People are on their phones every day and this can have a good impact if they think twice about it.

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