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Why New Yorkers Need To Get Vaccinated

Last year was taken away from us by a devastating pandemic that stopped the world. Now that it is one year later we have developed a vaccine to protect ourselves from the virus that stopped the world. Right now there is a huge divide between people whether they should actually get this new vaccine or not. This pandemic has taken a lot from us, and despite long term health concerns, we must all take advantage of this to get back to our normal lives.

How Has The Pandemic Affected The City?

The COVID virus has taken a lot of New York, most notably the people. With over 30,000+ COVID deaths from New York City alone, this has taken a toll on the survivors and shown us how serious this virus really is. In addition, a net of 187,000 households left New York City to avoid the virus, causing the city’s economy to plummet. Furthermore, 626,400 jobs were lost, making it hard for a lot of families to fend for themselves. Another main effect of the pandemic was forcing people to work from home leading to office occupancy being down 84%. 

What Will The City Look Like After?

Even though New York City lost a lot of people due to the pandemic, it is ready to reopen to try to get back to its former glory, and even better. Now that we have gone through a pandemic, the people of New York City have prioritized health more than anything and that will continue when the city fully reopens. For example, hotels are taking extra measures like touch-free temperature checks, slippers when you walk in the room, etc. In addition, many restaurants will keep their outdoor seating as an option when the city reopens, so we have that to look forward to. Furthermore, since so many people left the city, rent has dropped down 15% from what it was originally, so when the city reopens, many people will flood back in.

Counterargument: Why You Shouldn’t Get The Vaccine.

However, some people believe that people should not get vaccinated. Multiple perspectives have risen as to why we should not get vaccinated. For example, people are concerned about the long term effects of a vaccine that has not been tested in the long term, especially when there have been some special cases where people have developed Bell’s palsy. In addition, many people are against the vaccine because of their own ideologies. Some people believe that getting vaccinated is unpatriotic and challenges their freedom because they feel as if the government is forcing the vaccine onto them by telling the public to get vaccinated. As a result of this, some people feel like their choice is being ripped from them. Some people don’t trust the government and vaccines that were developed in a year.

Rebuttal: Why You Should Get Vaccinated.

On the other hand, there are plenty of reasons to get the COVID vaccine. The first and probably most important one is that it has been proven to protect you from the virus with over 90% efficiency. Secondly, they are designed to prevent diseases, not create them, and the chances of having a bad reaction are really minuscule. Furthermore, young people are not immune and they could also get hospitalized and even though there is a low mortality, you can still become very sick and pass it on to people who are more susceptible to the virus. Another reason why you should get vaccinated is to prevent yourself from spreading the virus to other people. Finally, if enough people get vaccinated, the world can finally reopen and we could go back to our normal lives, one where we don’t have to fear a virus. 

How You Could Get Vaccinated.

Luckily, it is very easy to get vaccinated. It is accessible in a lot of places in New York City. You could find the nearest vaccination site on the internet, and all vaccination sites are walk-in, so you do not need an appointment or a reservation. Anyone from ages 12 and up are allowed to get the Pfizer vaccine.

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